North Kingstown, RI

I have a big complicated roof- lots of turns and angles. C Duva did a fantastic job, and it looks beautiful. Its not often you hear people say, "I really love your shingles, your roof looks great". But I hear it often!
When the job was finished, you would never know they just tore out my old shingles- not one piece of shingle or nail could be found.
I am a very satisfied customer.

North Kingstown, RI

I would recommend C Duva roofing to all of my friends, family and colleagues! We were selling our house and during the inspection the inspector noticed a leak around the chimney. We called C Duva roofing and they came out immediately to look at our roof. They not only noticed the leak around the chimney, but noticed that there was no flashing under the molding on the side of the house causing another leak that we did not know about! The next week they came to the house and fixed the leaks in only a few hours. They left the roof so clean you didn't even know they were there.

The owner Charlie was extremely responsive and was able to answer all of my questions. If you are looking for a high quality, professional roofing company in Rhode Island, C Duva is highly recommended!

 Fixed a leak in my roof!

I had a couple pesky leaks in my roof. After several months of emptying buckets strategically placed around my house. I called C-Duva Roofing.

Charlie the owner of C-Duva roofing showed up and looked at my roof. Charlie suggested i replace roofing shingles on a slightly pitched problematic section of roof on the back of my house. Charlie was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with, he went out of his way to explain everything to me. Charlie assured me I would have no leaks because he insisted that he would apply Ice and water shield underneath my new roofing shingles. Charlie said ice and water guard is a special material that seals around every nail that you put into your roof to hold the new shingles down. Since I live in an old house (1920) Charlie also suggested I go over my old roof boards with new plywood to give a secure footing for the new roofing materials to attach to, extra expense but worth it.

Charlie and his crew showed up on time and on the day that Charlie said they would come. Charlie even called the night before to reassure me that he was coming to do the work as planned.

I was very impressed with the work Charlie and his crew did at my house, they were very careful and did not make a mess of my yard or house. When they left it was like they were not even here. This is quite an accomplishment because roofing work is very dusty and dirty work. Half the job is getting all of the old roofing materials off the house.

Charlie personally went over my whole yard and driveway with a powerful magnet to make sure none of us including my dog pogo would step on any old rusty roofing nails.

After several stormy days with lots of rain and wind I HAVE NO LEAKS!!!

Thank You Charlie , thanks to you I have one less thing to worry about for many more years to come.

 Winter created havoc for my house!

To everyone out you remember the winter that created havoc on every portion of your house two years ago? Well I do! Water managed to finds its' way wherever it could. I just renovated my entire home but did not do my two-layer roof which still had some years left. Well, things obviously changed for me that year and I needed to replace it in its' entirety. Duva Roofing was right there for me. They removed two layers of shingles, protected the surrounding beds, and put a new roof on ALL IN ONE DAY! I highly recommend their professionalism, there work ethic and what a great job they did for me. And, more importantly, their pricing was extremely reasonable. Kudos to CDuva Roofing specialists in making my home leak proof!!!!

 Very Professional!

Very professional. Charlie is responsive and efficient. I will recommend to family and friends!

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