It’s time for your fall roof inspection!

With Fall in full swing its time to start preparing your roof for winter, one of the toughest seasons your roof has to go through. By performing a fall audit of your roof’s condition, you can identify existing roof issues and repair them prior to going into the winter months.

Check your attic

If you can get into your attic try to have a look around. You might be able to spot any damages or notice leaks after a rainy fall day. This is a good place to start off in looking for damages so you can pin point them out when you go outside.

Clean your gutters

Check your gutters and clean out any leaves and debris. Water back up can damage your gutters and possibly your roof. Ensuring they are clean can help save you from unnecessary future expenses. You can have a professional check your roof and gutters if you are worried or can’t do it yourself.

Complete a standard roof inspection

While cleaning your gutters, analyze the roof to see if any damage is present like missing or curled shingles which can lead to greater damage. You should examine your roof system and all roof components which includes parapets, skylights, rooftop units, copings and seams. Hiring a professional to perform this inspection will give you the peace of mind that everything has been inspected thoroughly.

Trim trees

If you have trees around  or learning towards your house it would be best to trim them back. This will prevent costly disasters.  Once winter arrives the weight of the snow can build up and snap, damaging your roof.

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